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“And Canst Thou Slay… The Juggernaut?”: The Hulk is a prisoner at The Hulkbuster base. Through some trickery, The Hulkbusters find themselves facing the Juggernaut. Hulk and Juggernaut team to battle The Hulkbusters who are aided by The X-Men.

Incredible Hulk – #250 (1980) : Al Milgrom

Special giant-sized issue in which Hulk actually bends the Silver Surfer’s board. “The Earth trembles when titans clash. It’s the unstoppable Incredible Hulk versus the former Herald of Galactus, the Silver Surfer. Imprisoned on Earth by his former master, the Silver Surfer intends to add the immeasurable power of the Hulk to his own and break the barrier that keeps him from his home Zenn-La and his beloved. The only problem is, the Hulk has never been known for his generosity.”