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Aquaman (2012) - #13 : Joe Prado, Ivan Reis, Rodrigo Reis

“The Others Conclusion” : In the finale of “The Others” storyline we discover who Black Manta is working for and how far Aquaman is willing to go to set things right.


Aquaman – #2 (1994) : Martin Egeland, Tom McCraw, Brad Vancata.

‘Single Wet Female’: In an attempt to make Aquaman cool for once, DC decides to feed one of his hands to a pool of piranhas and give him a giant fish hook instead. “Aquaman must save Aqualad, Dolphin, and himself from Charybdis, a deadly villain capable of negating one of the Sea King’s key superpowers, which leads to dire consequences for Aquaman.”

Justice League of America - #122 (1960) : Mike Grell

“The Great Identity Crisis!” : Batman seems broken up by the news, doesn’t he? 🙂 Sadly, the cover didn’t deliver and Aquaman survives ruining the dreams of every comic book fan at the time. “Dr. Light breaks into the Fortress of Solitude and uses a device to switch up the secret identities of the Justice League. Now everyone thinks they’re someone else and it’s up to Aquaman and Superman to save the day.”