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Celebrating the debut of The Defenders on Netflix.

“Rocky Mountain Nightmare”: “Two men of wealth and power claim to be the father of one lone girl and when they go to war, not even the Human Fly may be able to stop them.”

All this month, we are celebrating Hallowen with some delightful and frightful comic book covers!

“Betty Ross is kidnapped by Quasimodo. As Hulk, our hero battles a sympathetic Quasimodo. As Banner, our hero tries to cure him.”

The Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) - #1 : Sal Buscema

“Twice Stings The Tarantula!” : “The first issue of a brand new series for Spider-Man. The Tarantula kidnaps the Empire State University vice-chancellor, despite the best efforts of the web-slinger, Flash Thompson, and Mary Jane Watson. The Tarantula tries to kill the mayor but this time the Spectacular Spider-Man is ready.”