52 (2007) – #48 : J.G. Jones, Alex Sinclair

Posted: July 13, 2013 in 52, Alex Sinclair, J.G. Jones
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52 (2007) - #48 : J.G. Jones, Alex Sinclair

“Asked & Answered” : “Batwoman is kidnapped by Bruno Mannhiem and Whisper A’Daire at her home. Renee Montoya and Nightwing investigate in an attempt to save her. They realize when the prophecy said Batwoman and Cain were to be sacrificed, that Cain could be spelled anyway. Katherine “Kate” Kane was the Batwoman and now she is to be sacrificed. Along the way Renee questions her about herself and tries to figure herself out. Renee would eventually become the new Question as she puts on his mask.”

  1. joedistort6 says:

    probably my favorite 52 cover, and one of my top 20 or so (on a mental list that i dont really keep track of)

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